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Wings? (maximum ride fanfic)
Hi I'm Max, maximum Ride and I'm going to a new school with my brothers ans sisters.There names are Fang,Iggy,Gazzy,Naug,and Angel. Well,we're not really related but we've been together since Fang and I were little. So ya... anyway back to school. Well, we're all excited but scared. The reason why is because we're not normal. We have wings! Yah,I know it is hard to believe,but we do. When I found out we had to go to school I was worried. But Gazzy,Naug,and Angel were all on board. Fang and Iggy were on the fance about it but I was totally against it. "Who votes that we should go say I!" Yelled Gazzy from across the room. Him Angel and Naug raised there hands. Yea,I wanna go!" Pouted Naug. "Pleaseee" said Angel with her puppy dog eyes. "Well it's not that bad of an idea." Iggy said raising his and Half-heartedly."Guys, calm down! It's what max says if were going or not." Fang shouted. I wanted to say "No! We can't go,what if someone finds out about our wings?!" But I didn't. What I said
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Levi X Reader - Don't Hold Back (Lemon) :iconrinalopunny123:rinalopunny123 97 5
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Rivaille X Reader - Dirty Girl [Modern AU] :iconweemelia:Weemelia 122 56
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Sadomasochist!Levi X Reader |An Unforgotten Night :iconweemelia:Weemelia 173 29
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Stalemate (Levi x Reader) Smut :iconjennycolt:JennyColt 224 41
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Wants and Needs[Rivaille/Levi x Reader] Lemon :iconjarjar0527:jarjar0527 663 81
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Distractions [Levi x Reader] RQ :iconappleblossom18:AppleBlossom18 358 33
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| friends |. levi [lemon] :iconhellhuvabutlr:hellhuvabutlr 477 103
RQ: Rivaille x Reader: Seduce me in French
"Corporal knows French?"
You stared at Connie incredulously, you jaw slightly agape. 
Connie, satisfied with your response, leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms behind his head. A shit-eating grin spread across his face, and he responded with a haughty tone: "Eyup. I heard him the other day, he was cursing in french at something that had gotten on his boot."
Beside you, Reiner chuckled, the sound deep and low and reverberating up your spine. "Yeah right, Connie, you little weasel. How do we know you aren't lying?"
Connie sat forward, his face enraged. "I'm not lying!" he exclaimed. "It's true!!"
Jean looked less than convinced. "Really, Connie? I don't beleive you."
"Well..." A small voice interjected. Your gaze turned towards Armin, who's brow was scrunched in thought. "It does make sense. I'm pretty sure Corporal has french heritage."
Eren nodded. "Isn't Rivaille a french name?" 
Jean glared at the brunette. "Nobody asked you, Jeager." He muttered under his breath.
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Mature content
Distractions 2 [Levi x Reader] Lemon :iconappleblossom18:AppleBlossom18 684 88
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Discipline [Levi x Reader] :iconcapricorn659:Capricorn659 589 166
(Modern AU)Reader x Levi~ Boyfriend~ Scream
Warning!  Mature Content! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!
You opened up the door to your apartment, and almost immediately choked on the air.  The entire one bedroom apartment smelled like pinesol and windex.  You rushed into the kitchen to dump you bags ignoring the hunched over figure furiously cleaning the dishes.  Still wearing your heels you ran over to the windows and opened ever single one as wide as they would go.  
Rolling your eyes at the bare chested cleaning fairy, you dashed into the bedroom and stripped out of your suit and dumped your heels in the closet.  You pulled on one of Levi’s old baggy t-shirts before sauntering back out into the living room.
“How long have you been at this?” you asked skeptically peering over Levi’s shoulder as he rewashed another plate.  Careful not to breathe in the toxic fumes, you often regretted inviting over your boyfriend for this very reason.
“Since I got here, your apartment is u
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Cadet Sleepyhead {Levi x Reader} LIME :iconthecreepynovice:TheCreepyNovice 456 124
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In three words I can sum up everything about life- it goes on

Do not dwell In the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present momment

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful then a life spent doing nothing

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living, the world owes you nothing it was here first


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Gabrielle Rivera
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I like anime and manga . My favorite is either black butler or Pandora hearts. But I have read/watched other ones like blue excorcist, fruits basket, death note, missions of love, kitchen princess, soul eater, love hina, attack on titan, bleach, vampire knight. I think that's all of them... Well I'm not just an anime freak I love to read,draw,and play games with my big twin brother Gabriel.


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